Strategic Promotion Planning

strategic promotion planning

AMP has created a unique toolbox that helps us executes strategies with precision. Want to know more

Our Mission


Our mission is to provide our clients with the most effective and result oriented promotional services. How do we do that?

We, Arabian Marketing & Promotions (AMP) is in a long journey in BTL advertising since 1995 to help our most valuable  clients in their  brand value addition.

AMP is the biggest in this type, having largest number of  “Dedicated In House Sponsored Promoters".

Always concerns were rectified by securing all brand elements across the campaigns.

Direct Marketing

Consumer Promotions


direct marketing


Welcome to Arabian Marketing & Promotions

consumer promotions
  • Resources are readily available within the company to implement strategies
  • Well established working relationship with the concerned Government Departments and educational institutions enabling us to reach the target audience
  • Qualified team of ambitious executives with extensive experience
  • Understanding  the local market and the Arab consumer.
  • Strategic capabilities to integrate all below-the-line activities that are consistent with the brand
  • Fully geared to implement projects on local, regional, national levels and also across GCC Countries including Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt & Morocco.